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Ice Masters Tournament

     $100 per entry
100 Contestants

Rules and Regulations

General Contest Rules:
1. No Culling and No live wells.

2. Contestants 16 and older must present a Colorado Fishing License and Registration Number to be eligible for any registration, prizes, or weigh-ins. Contestants under 16 years old must provide a Registration Number.

3. All Colorado Fishing rules and regulations apply, including bag and possession limits for adults and children under 16. Any violations of Colorado CPW rules and regs on Taylor Reservoir waters will result in disqualification.

4. Only one cash prize will be awarded per contestant, unless entered in the Big Fish Competition; this is in addition to the regular contest.

5. Stomach contents are subject to examination by Tournament Officials.

6. Gutting or alteration of any fish will result in immediate disqualification.

7. Taxes, licenses, setup fees, and transportation to pickup and deliver prizes are the responsibility of the winners. Cash prizes will be given the day of the derby. W9’s will need to be filled before accepting prize over $600.00

8. Anglers will fish within one large predetermined area. Anglers may move within the boundaries at will. Fishing outside the designated area will constitute disqualification.

9. Winners will be determined by the weight of three fish combined (any species) under 24 inches. Only fish under 24 inches will be weighed for competition regardless of state regulation. Fish will be measured in hundredths of pounds. (Example 4.28lbs)

10. There will only be one upgrade fish by weight allowed per contestant. Only species to species upgrades qualify. (Example.. mackinaw to mackinaw allowed, rainbow to mackinaw not allowed)

11. Only fish checked at a designated weigh station will qualify for the contestant.

12. Tournament starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:00 PM on Saturday, February 24th, 2024. There will be a warning horn at 1:30PM, all fish must be weighed in by 2:00 PM. No Exceptions.

13. Check in starts at 6:00 AM and will close at 9:00 AM.

14. All fish must be caught the day of the derby and brought to weights station alive. No frozen fish will be accepted. Again, No Culling and no live wells. Contestants may choose to release their fish at designated weigh stations. If kept, the fish must be marked before leaving the weigh stations.

15. Please carefully handle all species of fish and release if over 24 inches.

16. Huts are allowed. No more than four competitors per hut. All contestants are subject to the sportsman’s code. Any suspicious activity will be subject to forfeiture by Tournament Managers. Self-conducting in an honorable fashion is a must. To ensure the future of this event, please be honest and patriotic in the sport of angling.

17. Ice holes must not exceed 10” in diameter.

18. Extra rods are allowed if the contestant holds the proper qualification from the state of CO.

19. Unregistered anglers in your party will disqualify you from competition. Registration may not be transferred.

20. 100 Contestants

21. Fishable waters include designated fishing areas set by Tournament Managers

*First Place- $2500.00 cash
*Second Place- $1000.00 cash
*Third Place- $500.00 cash

* Raffle values over $2500.00
Must be present to win.
Only contestants with registered numbers qualify to win.

Big Fish Competition:
1. Honor system by sportsman only.
2. Catch and Release, all species over 24 inches.
3. $500.00 added cash by sponsors
4. $25.00 extra CASH entry fee for Big Fish Competition
5. Winner Take All
6. Cash entry fee must be paid before 8:00 AM
7. Must provide a time stamped photo of qualifying fish. Score is calculated by combining both length and girth measurements. Length measurements are tip to closed tail, and girth measurements are the widest part of the fish, which is usually in front of or behind the dorsal fin.
8. Cash will be given regardless of the number of competitors. Judging of proper verification will be subject to Tournament Officials. The more proof, the better.
9. All Big Fish Competitors must also be entered in the regular tournament.
10. Big Fish entries may call in for official measurements.

**Note: Parking with trailers may become an issue for this event, avoid traveling down the hill into the marina parking lot with trailers. There are spots to park trailers on the county road 742 and the public lot near the Taylor Park Trading post. Courtesy rides to designated fishing areas will be available at request.

Registrations Call Rory Birdsey @ 970 309 6339

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